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Allingham Transport is proud to continue its commitment to high operational standards and professionalism that is reflected in our membership of various bodies and the accreditations we have obtained annually.


The British Retail Consortium (BRCGS) is a trade association for the UK food retail industry created in 1992. The BRCGS has published standards for best practices for the food and manufacturing industries- the ‘BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard’ and this naturally extends to the storage and transport of such goods. These standards are constantly evolving to protect the end-consumer – managing product safety, integrity, legality and quality, and the many operational controls required in the storage and transport of such goods. BRCGS AA Rated is the highest accreditation available – and Allingham Transport have held this since 2018.


Our membership with Logistics UK unlocks for us access to a range of information, support, products and services to ensure that we are connected to the industry and compliant at all times with governing laws and regulations. Our Warehouse Operations Manager is also a member and regular attendee at the Logistics UK Policy Council ‘Warehouse Working Group’.

Our Transport and Warehousing services are also governed in full by the Logistics UK Model Conditions of Carriage and by the Logistics UK Model Conditions for the Storage of Goods.  

View our Model Conditions of Carriage and the Model Conditions of Storage


On their first day of Employment with Allingham Transport, all staff are provided with a Company Handbook which details our various procedures and house-keeping rules, and also contains copies of our Company Policies in full – covering such matters as Equal Opportunities, Anti-Harassment, Social Media Policy, Data Protection, Corporate Responsibility, Recruitment, Environmental, Whistleblowing Policies etc. At present the Company has thirty policies in place. Our drivers also receive a Drivers Handbook.

All Policies and both the Company and Drivers Handbook are reviewed and updated annually by our In House Solicitor.

The Company also has in place many SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure full compliance with legislation, BRCGS, our internal Policies and the requirements and specifications of our customers. The SOPs are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.


Allingham Transport has in place a full Health and Safety Policy and Manual which is reviewed regularly by our external Health and Safety Consultant. Our Warehouse Operating Manager also holds NEBOSH qualification.

All staff throughout the Company must attend regular staff training which is documented – in all departments - our office staff, warehousing and transport - to ensure we meet full compliance with the above accreditations, legislation, policies and Handbooks.

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